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Make the transition to federatio at your convenience. We take care of everything.

Solución Integral
para Federaciones Deportivas

The set up

Each new federation who joins the Federatio's Network has from the outset all the improvements carried out on the application so far and, of course, all the future advances developed at his own request or by suggestion of any other federation.

The implementation is easy and simple; it is advisable to start using Federatio as the only system at the beginning of a season, having done the appropriate tests during the course of the previous one, although in some cases, the transition has been made along the season.

Whatever the decision is, the starting point is the importation of data to Federatio from the different applications that have been working at the federation so far.

In any case, we must bear in mind that Federatio is the one who should suit the way of working of the federation, so that it is possible to make a gradual implementation of the functionalities of the application.


Another major concern of the users of a customized application is the maintenance, one of the aspects that DCL Informática takes more care, if possible, than the very set up. Experience has shown us that the success of a project relies in a permanent supervision; otherwise it is doomed to die. That is why, far from today's standards of key-in-hand solutions, any user of federatio can be sure that its software will be constantly updated, both by own request and by those of the members of the federatio's network.

Users will have a team of programmers at their disposal to solve any problems that may arise or make any adjustments deemed necessary in order to fully meet your needs.

The fact that the application works 100% on-line minimizes software update times, being able to make modifications in real time.


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