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All information is protected with the strictest safety standards.

Solución Integral
para Federaciones Deportivas

Information Security

One of the most sensitive issues that an organization faces before starting to use a delocalized system is what happens to the information. In spite of the fact that using local systems might seem safer where it is physically contained within the organization and inaccessible from the outside, with Web 2.0 technology it is essential exposing that information to the general public. But in order to reassure Federatio's users, DCL Informática has established the following information security measures:

  • DCL Informática complies with all current regulations of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD).
  • The database of each federation is totally independent from the rest of the other federations.
  • The servers, where the application as well as the databases are hosted, belong to DCL Informática.
  • These servers are high-end equipment and are housed in two of the best Data Centers of Spain.
  • The servers' hard drives have a counterpart in RAID1, which guarantees the stability of data against possible failures.
  • Databases' backups are performed on a daily basis on external equipments.
  • By contract, the federation is the sole owner of the databases and must have such information at its disposal at any time.

As for the protection of information within the same organization, the intranet system protects data for each user (a referee against the other, for example) displaying only information that the direction of the federation considers appropriate.

When it comes to a large federation with departmental structure, the management itself can define which users should have access to what information or which fields of the database are on query and which are for the modification of each user.


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