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Special access for referees, clubs, national team coaches, competition committee …


Full coverage of championships: information screens, possibility of sending SMS, to follow games on-line...


Wide experience in the management of all types of federations of very different disciplines.


Real-time information: actions, statistics, results, standings and tables...

Management Software
for Sports Federations



Sports Federations Management Software

Federatio is an On-Line Management Software for Sports Federations. Created in 2003 from scratch for various sports federations, Federatio has evolved throughout these years from the demands of a large network of customers that have been presenting particular situations to which Federatio has provided specific solutions. In order to achieve this, we have taken into account all the varying particularities ranging from different sizes, sports, languages or circumstances.


From the beginning, Federatio was conceived as an online computer program that allows both the general management as well as the provision of information by the different levels of the organization in a delocalized way. Moreover, the fact of having a single database for all the system avoids the duplication of processes while getting the information updated on the website in real time. The application requires no installation and the upgrade is performed remotely, which also minimizes the time for maintenance. 


Full adjustment to customer needs: sport, design, language, functions.


When the whole system works on a single database, updating the information occurs in real time. Can there be a faster system?


The mere reduction of administrative tasks is a significant saving. The speed when publishing information implies a request for information through the website of the federation that can be exploited for advertising purposes.


When a computer software is used by hundreds of professionals daily, this necessarily means that it is reliable.


Forget about supporting your own servers. The smooth functioning of the software and the strict protection of information is incorporated into the service.


Constant evolution of the application upon request of users.


Almost a decade working with different sports federations guarantees our knowledge about sports management.