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Solución Integral
para Federaciones Deportivas


When a sports federation becomes a member of the federatio's network, it ensures that all those new functionalities proposed by it and proved to be useful for all federations, will be developed within a reasonable period of time, since they will represent an additional value to the network.

In addition, DCL Informática will host on its servers, mainly for security and data protection reasons, the website of the federation, resulting in significant savings.

If necessary, DCL Informática would take over the redesign of the website of the federation or the complete development of it (if there is no previous web page) with no extra costs. Anyway, there is the possibility of working from a web design developed by a third party.

Finally, if the time to renovate the contract arrives and there was no intention to keep enjoying the service, the design of the public area of the website as well as the database would be at the federation's disposal.


Regarding the support, DCL Informática offers a customer service by telephone during business hours and permanent through the e-mail.

When a meeting or training sessions are required about the computer program, qualified staff will travel to the headquarters of the federation to assist in as many tasks as needed.

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